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Q&A: Antique Caucasian Shivan Perpedil

Ardebil Rug Pile



I saw this rug on the Most Watched ebay Rugs entry.  The auction is over now, but what can you tell me about this piece?  Is it as advertised?


Perpadil Holbein Design

Knot Density on Persian Rug

Pile Height Persian Carpet




Hello, Thanks for writing in. 

Ordinarily we would refer you to the Rug Rag Forum, but you bring up a good point regarding these most watched eBay items.  As we mention in the entry, although we link to eBay items this does not necessarily mean that we stand behind or agree with how it's advertised.  I always find it interesting to see what everyone is watching when it comes to rugs.

The seller stated this was a 1930's Antique Caucasian Shivan Perpedil Design Rug and say it's a Daghestan Rug.  It could be, alhough in my experience I think Ardebil would also be a strong possibility as well.  As for a date, I would place this piece somewhere around late 1950's.  Design is what sometimes is referred to as a Holbein (named after the artist Hans Holbein who depicted similar rug designs in his paintings) rams horn or Perpedil design.  The reason why I believe this may be an Ardebil is because of the very traditional royal purple which was typical and characteristic of many mid 20th century Ardebil rugs.  Also, what appears to be white cotton selvages seen in the image above, in addition to the look of the wool.





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For all those interested in submitting a question to the Rug Rag Editors:  We'd be more than happy to help, please send some photographs of the reverse side of the rug very close up with a quarter placed on the knots, plus a picture of the fringe, the whole face of the rug and detail shot of the pile.  If the rug is worn, please include photographs of worn areas.  For rugs of any age, please be sure to check for dry areas, moth damage, odor, and whether or not the rug is straight/has right angles where called for.  If you have any questions about our assessment request feel free to send us an email.  Otherwise, we are looking for something similar to these images posted here


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