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Q&A: A Chinese Silk?


Hi, I found your website and it has some good info.  I'm going to attach the pics I've got, see if you can tell me anything.  It belongs to my friend, she thinks it's a Chinese silk rug, her parents 'may have' bought it in China, but
she's not sure. This lady is 65 yrs old, and her Dad used to keep care of it like his own baby.  Let me know what you think this is.... Size is 4'1" x 6'1".  I appreciate your time.


Chinese Rug Border and Fringe

Peking Design Covered Field and Medallion

Reverse side of Silk Rug 

Chinese Silk Rug

antique finish chinese fringe




Nice example.  Try testing for true silk!  It may very well be. 

This is what would be considered a Chinese Peking Design rug.  Age for this particular piece is probably somewhere in the vicinity of 30 years or newer.  The Peking design was popular pre-nichols art deco rugs (1920's+), just around 1900-1915.  These designs are a carry over from elements found in older antique Chinese Rugs.  The meaning behind design elements may be traced back many more centuries.  This rug is what some may consider a "revival" weaving of these older, Peking genre rugs.  It is all hand knotted.

The rug has a lot of charm.  The gold fringe is a nice touch, as are the selvage wraps finishing each edge. The colors used appear very rich and lively without being garish, which is good to see.  Overall the rug seems to be in very good condition as mentioned. 

General design is called a covered field Medallion design.  The design elements in the ivory field have symbolic meaning in Buddist and Taoist religions which can be traced back very far in history.  For example, the vases at either end of the field are said to symbolize peace.  Other designs may reinforce purity, protection, power, etc.  Working from the first border touching the field:  This narrow border with white dots is sometimes called a "Pearl Border."  One border out, the designs that look like a continuous line of capital "T's" is called a "Running" border or "Key" border.  Many elements used in this rug are not isolated to rugs alone, but other forms of antique art as well.

If you have additional questions, feel free to post at the bottom of this entry.

Thanks for sharing!


-Rug Rag



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December 15. 2008 16:33


Hi, I believe the rug is older than 55 years, as the owner is 65, and she remembers her father taking care of it when she was a child. I will double check on this. Thanx much!

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December 16. 2008 10:08


I thought I added another comment yesterday, but don't see it. I spoke w/ the lady who owns it, and she has an appraisal on it from 1976. So it's atleast that old (34+)?
Does anyone know what it might be worth if indeed it is silk? Thank you.


December 16. 2008 13:47


These types of rugs were from right around the time Nixon opened up trade with China.

Value at retail (after ALL sales discounts, negotiation, etc) is about $30 per ft. For this rug, that's about $720. However, private party value is going to be a fraction of this.

Thanks again for bringing this to the blog,


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