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Presidential Oval Office Carpets and Rugs Through the Ages

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oval office Carpets have for many years been intriguing to many: Simply put, some of the most powerful figures in US history have stood on them, in addition to many celebrities and familiar faces.  Here are some of the Oval Office carpets from years past.  While some images may be newer renditions/replicas, they're believed to be very close to the originals.  Enjoy!

George Bush Oval Office SunBeam Carpet (to also be used during Obama's Administration).  Bush Behind "Resolute Desk".

Bush, Trap Door, Carpet, Sunbeam

Bush Sunburst Oval Office Carpet


Above: Former President Bush on his Sunbeam Oval Office carpet designed by First Lady, Laura Bush.  Note the transparent and glossy coating underneath his chair.  Perhaps a guard to aid the chair in rolling easier, or perhaps a laminate coating for a trap door.   

Left: Center medallion of the Sunburst Oval office carpet of George Bush.  Traditionally a Bald Eagle with Olive Branch and Arrows appears in most previous oval office carpets.  The George Bush Sunburst Carpet design created by Laura Bush is roughly based on the Reagan Sunbeam Carpet seen lower on this page. See more info on Bush's Oval Office Carpet







Bill Clinton Oval Office Carpet replica (See Comment on Bush's Carpet)

Bill Clinton's Oval Office Rug


Clinton on George Bush Sr.'s Oval Office Carpet

Clinton Oval Office Carpet Blue and Gold


Believed to be Reagan's Oval Office Carpet with George Bush Jr. Behind the Wheel:

This is the rug the Laura Bush Carpet had been inspired by.  Note the similar sunburst pattern glowing from the center medallion of the Seal.

Believed to be Reagan's Rug with Jr. Behind the Desk


Reagan's Oval office Carpet (Replica, but note lines perhaps for a trap door): 

Reagan's Carpet 1981


Carter's Oval Office Carpet (same as Ford and Reagan):  

Carter's Carpet Oval Office (same as Ford and Reagan)


Believed to be Ford's Oval Office Carpet (same as Carter and Reagan):  

Ford's Carpet (same as Carter and Reagan)


Nixon's Oval Office Carpet: 

Nixon's Oval Office Carpet


Believed to be Lyndon B. Johnson's Oval Office Carpet (Replica):  

LB Johnson


Kennedy's Oval Office Carpet (same as Truman and Eisenhower's): 

Kennedy Oval Office Carpet (same as Truman and Eisenhower's)


Eisenhower's Yellow Oval Room Carpet:   

Eisenhower Yellow Oval Room Carpet 1952



Truman's Oval Office Carpet:   

Truman Oval Office Carpet


Taft's Oval Office Carpet ca. 1909:    

Taft Oval Office Carpet circa 1909


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January 20. 2009 01:10


most beautiful: George Bush (#43)


January 20. 2009 14:08


It is a fantastic Carpet said to be based off of Reagan's Sunbeam carpet. Clinton Loves the Rug, and Obama too. In fact, It's said that Obama will not be replacing the Oval Office Carpet, and he's going to Keep Bush's $62,000 rug right where it is!

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March 21. 2009 16:59


You got them all right until Bill Clinton. The picture that you used for Bill Clinton was when he had first entered office after Geroge H.W Bush (Senior Bush president #42), so that was actually George Bush Senior's carpet. Bill Clinton has a royal navy blue carpet as opposed to the light blue that Senior Bush used.


March 21. 2009 17:38


Thank you! We'll make the appropriate changes in the next few days.

All the best,


June 3. 2009 03:39


Your Eisenhower "Oval Office" photo is not the Oval Office. It's a picture of the room he used on the Second Floor of the White House as a private office (as did Truman), now called the "Yellow Oval Room," which was converted to a formal sitting room or living room in 1962, and remains so today. Mrs. Laura Bush explained that in her White House tour on television in December 2008. Also, the pictures showing Ford's, Carter's and Reagan's carpets are in fact the same carpet. Ford installed it to replace Nixon's dark blue carpet, Carter kept it throughout his term, and Reagan kept it during his first term. You can verify all of this on a fantastic web site called

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June 3. 2009 04:06


Sorry to be a pain, but here are some more corrections. Reagan had the sunburst carpet installed when Nancy redecorated the Oval Office for his second term, at which time the Ford carpet was finally retired. Sometime after taking office, President Bush the First replaced the sunburst carpet with the pale blue one which President Clinton used until he later replaced it with the deep blue carpet which you show above; it somewhat resembled the carpet Nixon used. However, on Inauguration Day 2001, President Bush the Second had the Reagan sunburst carpet hauled out of mothballs and installed to replace Clinton's carpet, and used it until he installed his own version of the sunburst carpet, which is still in the Oval Office today. (So your picture of "W" actually shows him with Reanan's carpet, not his Dad's.) Again, photos in establish this sequence of changes. The same source seems to indicate that Truman and Eisenhower used the same Oval Office carpet, and that it was still used by President Kennedy until he left for Dallas in November 1963. During that trip, the Oval Office was redecorated in time for his return, which tragically never happened. During that trip, a red carpet (with no ornamentation or design) was installed, which President Johnson used until he replaced it with the one you picture above.


June 3. 2009 13:21


Hey Russ,

Thanks so much for the corrections, we'll do a once over and make necessary changes in the next few weeks.

All the best,


July 23. 2009 16:36

C Brose

Great site. However, the Ford carpet pictured above is wrong. This picture is from the Ford Presidential Museum oval office replica, which for some reason has it wrong. To add, the gift shop sells postcards which show the actual oval office as it appeared during Ford's mediallon sunburst. The actual carpet was rather plain. Sorry, I haven't got an electronic version to share. Also, the picture above of Nixon's carpet (from a movie set) does not do the real deal justice.

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C Brose

July 23. 2009 16:45


Hi there,

Thanks for the comments. Unfortunately, we've found there to be a lot of conflicting information regarding which carpet correlated to which Presidency. We'll see if we can address this in the upcoming days. In the interim, thanks for checking in and all the best,


David Dilmaghani

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