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Persian Rug Goes for a Swim

SPECIAL NOTE:  This is not the proper way to clean a rug.  Do not attempt.*

We've seen some pretty wild things arrive in both the Rug Rag mailbox and get posted to the Rug Forum over the last two years.  Below is one of the more recent 'contributions' by a Rug owner in Canada.  The carpet was apparently in dire need of a cleaning.  After several unsuccessful attempts of washing with a garden hose, the individual decided to simply let the rug hang out in the pool half a side at a time. What a way to close the summer!

"by the way should I call the city to come with that big machine with compressor you know the one they use to plane the road, that may take off the dirt off the pile. hope the 4 days pass in the pool will do."

Rug Goes for a Swim

"Oddly enough, it looks very beautiful in there."



*  For multiple reasons, the above method of cleaning is NOT advisable.  A rug should be taken to a local professional for thorough cleaning, especially before opting to throw it in a pool.  There are many problems with using home facilities to clean a carpet.  In this particular case, the natural materials will become very, very heavy after a soak and may prove extremely difficult to remove the rug from the pool.  Different chemicals and agents used to keep pools sterile may prove to have adverse affects on your rug and the dyes used.  Drying a rug is a somewhat specific procedure in it of itself.  This is not the proper way to treat a rug, or a pool!




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