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Persian Rug: Always Sunny in Philadelphia "Gang Solves the Oil Crisis"

Seen below, it certainly was Sunny in philadelphia the day the gang came up with the dim idea of selling gasoline door-to-door... 

Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Gang Solves the Oil Crisis

The gang had come up with the bright idea to puchase several thousand dollars worth of raw gasoline from a filling station with the intention of profiting from rising fuel costs down the line.  Unfortunately, their business venture resulted in some last ditch efforts, finally resulting in the process of bringing gasoline to potential customer's houses.  To seem less conspicious, Charlie "The wild Card" (played by Charlie Day), decided to dress for the part: as an "Oil man in from Dallas."  Needless to say, the homeowner was shocked, but when she swings her front door open...

"We're just a coupla oil men in from Dallas looking to fill you up"

We get a peek inside the vestibule seen below.  There it is!  A beautiful tabriz carpet, probably made post 1980. 

Vestibule Tabriz Carpet!

Higher detail of the rug is seen below, which is approximately 9'x12' in size.  This particular type of Tabriz often has a very high knot count, often incorporate silk and Qurk (sometimes spelled Kurk or Kork) wool in the pile, which is a very high grade wool taken from the underbellies and necks of sheep.  These areas yield much longer staple, which is also softer and finer.

Detail of Tabriz Carpet in Season 4 Episode 2

Things go from bad to worse when Charlie points to his "associate" in the gas van as a threat...  He's bandaged up (resembling a keffiyeh) from a fireball accident display outside the filling station the gang purchased their gas from.

"The Oil Man" Associate from Always Sunny in Philadelphia  

Watch this episode of Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 4, Episode 2 "Gang Solves the Oil Crisis"...  Free on   

Sunny Crew



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