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Pakistan Caucasian Kazak Design Peshawar Rugs

Pakistan Caucasian Kazak Design Peshawar, or "Pak Caucasian"The examples shown and mentioned within this article are 100% hand knotted oriental rugs

General Information:

It is said that Caucasian design Peshawar Oriental rugs are mainly exported from pakistan and Afghanistan, often made by Afghan weavers in their homes. These Rugs are sometimes referred to as "pak caucasian" rugs.

Comparison, Attributes and identification:

Rather than featuring colors of typical Peshawar rugs, this particular variety often features significantly brighter reds, blues and ivory.  A red field is one of the more popular of the three.  Style of this variety of "Kazak" design Peshawar is also much different than typical examples of Peshawar weavings.  Often designs feature geometric (or rectlinear) design elements and outlines, embracing Kazak designs of past.  Often the foundation (and fringe) of this variety is cotton and of a grey or charcoal color tone.  There are examples which may have a double cord cotton foundation, with each of a different color (at times light grey and deep charcoal to give the barber pole look).  Edges (or selvages) often are flatwoven, and upwards of 1/2" wide using alternating red and blue yarn every 1/2" on each side.

Qualities and Dyes:

These rugs come in a wide array of qualities and knot densities.  However, there are 3 main qualities which are commercially available.  Generally these rugs feature a very straight wool with a medium to high luster pile sheen and very thin and low pile height

It is said the wool is dyed with natural dyes, however, there are certain colors used in these rugs which may reflect a very low percentage of actual "natural" dyes.  This variety of rug has been imported from pakistan for the last 10 years or so, but weaving has migrated somewhat in recent years. It's not uncommon to find this rugs in a local retailer, or even bazaars around the globe. 

Light and Dark sides of a Pak Caucasian 


Above: The Light and Dark Side compared


Close up of good color ivory Wool


Aspects of these rugs to Consider:

Many "seconds goods" of this type in the begining of production were not exported to Western markets.  However, with ongoing popularity in conjunction with encouragement from internet and tourism, all rugs of this variety should be carefully inspected for color run (or color migration/bleeding).  Ivory colors should be clear and rich, free of tinting from adjacent reds or blues, although they may have a natural color with some darker wool integrated as well.  All colors (reds, blues, etc.) should be rich and deep in this variety: Careful assessment of diminished color vibrance should be considered.  While not a fail-safe, comparing the front of the rug to the back may help.  While the previously mentioned traits will not render these rugs (or any rug for that matter) completely null value, they can severely affect the market appeal, and therefore sale potential.  It is important to be concious that a "too good to be true" asking price may very well be just that.

Value & Price Point*:

Higher Grades w/o blemish**: ~ $45-60/sq. ft.

Medium Grade w/o blemish**: ~ $25-45/sq. ft.

Lower Grade w/o blemish**: ~ $15-25/sq. ft.

*Rough estimate based on Retail Price after ALL sales discounts, coupons and negotiation have been applied.  For more information, visit our rug forum with a link to your item under consideration.  At online auction, or other Buyer Beware venues, you may find signifcantly lower prices due to high risk regarding color run and poor color clarity. For additional information, bring your item under consideration to our Rug Rag Forum.

**Deduct ~10% to 40% on Color Run depending on severity, Deduct an additional ~40% - 70% for poor color clarity.  For additional information, bring your item under consideration to our Rug Rag Forum.



3 Quick Points to Identification of pakistan Caucasian Kazak Design peshawar rugs:


Short Fringe on Pakistani Peshawar Rug


1.  (Left) Fringe is often short (about 3/4" long), with knots butted up directly against the pile.  Cotton foundation (Fringe) is a two cord cotton and of a grey or charcoal color tone.  Some examples may have two tones of cotton spun together to make one tassle such as light grey and dark charcoal.



Selvages of Pak Caucasian Kazak Rug





2. (Left) Selvages or edges are flatwoven, sometimes a band of two alternating colorsall the way up each side of the rug.  These often measure approximately 1/2" in width.



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