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Oriental Rugs Serve more than just Decoration:

Hand knotted oriental rugs are more than just a decorative addition to homes around the globe.  Here are some not so common reasons why Oriental Rugs are the smarter investment.

Other forms of floor coverings create harmful off-gases*

Machine made carpets created from synthetic fibers (including wall to wall carpeting) have been found to release harmful off-gases known as VOC's.  The majority of these off gases happen within a day or two of opening the carpet for installation or placement.  Although the initial release over this 24 hour period is thought to be most toxic, there is evidence which suggests the decomposition of such fibers through use and age contributes to an in home environment which on average is 2 to 5 times more toxic than the air outside of your home*.

An Oriental Rug can help reduce your carbon footprint! 

Material inputs to create hand knotted rugs come from renewable resources, and need far less refining than those of synthetic fibers.  Organic materials such as cotton, wool and silk serve long term utility with far less permanent an impact on our environment.

Production of Oriental Rugs creates less of an energy burden.  Machine made rugs as well as wall to wall carpeting need heavy commercial machinery to create, as well a tremendous amount of energy and toxic materials such as glue and chemicals.  Oriental Rugs on the other hand are created by hand, significantly reducing spent energy on production.

Although the most effective ways to manage lower energy consumption is to reduce usage, one of the easiest (and least invasive) ways to stay warm is by covering your floors!  Hardwood, marble and tile floors all contibute to the actual and perceived indoor environment.  Placing an Oriental Rug in select areas of your home will help reduce the likelyhood of trips to your themostat (and shock when you receive energy bills.) 




Consumer Reports wall to wall carpeting guide on "green" carpeting

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