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When typing the word "Rugs" into Google Images, these are the three first photographs that come up.


Flokati HoopsFunky Rug

My immediate reaction was disappointment.  As an oriental carpet enthusiast I would hope to see a silk Heriz, or an antique polychrome silk Senna.  Don't get me wrong, I am completely aware that Google's ranking has to do with popularity.   The examples above, in my opinion, should come up for a search of "popular rugs," or "modern/contemporary rugs."  When I think of Rugs, I think museum quality (MET, not Guggenheim). I guess I should just be happy that there were no wall-to-wall photos in the top ten...

So, my question is this:  Do you think that typical, traditional designs are a thing of the past?  Or do you think it's like any other style pendulum?  Or, is it strictly up to subjective taste and there are more of them than there are of us :) ?



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February 8. 2009 21:45


i totally agreee. i like either completely off-the-wall rugs (like the tree you talked about earlier last week) or traditional designs. this kind of swirly, contemporary-in-a-box design is so... pedestrian. like "pop" music/art/media/whatever. and not andy warhol pop; brittany spears on star magazine pop.


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