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One Person's Treasure is Another Persian Treasure! Sidewalk Oriental Carpet

Dated September 14, 2008 in New York Magazine, an article titled "Fame Slept here" written by S. Jhoanna Robledo featured a 1,250 square foot apartment located at 39th west 67th street (listed for some $1.7 million).  Apparently the apartment had previously been the residence of two famous photographers:  Arnold Newman, as Robledo stated, "the master of 'environmental portraits' of everyone from Igor Stravinsky to Mickey Mantle to Andy Warhol."  The second notable resident apparently was David McCabe who purchased the residence from Newman, who too had photographed Warhol.

Perhaps just as interesting, and just about where Rug Rag kicks in, is the photograph which was included for the listing of this apartment in the article.  There's an awesome, older, Persian style carpet which has a bright (almost purple) field which caught our eye (Seen below) 


NY Real Estate Fame Slept Here


*Photo: Prudential Douglas Elliman

Apparently another reader had taken note of this carpet above, which according to them was a Persian carpet removed accidentally from their home by their super: 

"The antique Persian carpet shown in the photo of the apartment was thrown out on the sidewalk by our super. We asked him to throw out certain garbage, and apparently he felt the antique Persian was garbage, too. As you can imagine we are very upset over the matter and are offering to pay a ransom for the carpet. Please help! If any of your readers are at a cocktail party where they hear about a story of these Upper West Siders being so rich they threw out this gorgeous carpet … please come forward. We promise not to prosecute! Thank you. Susan Cipolla.”

Somewhat odd, as presumably if the carpet is in the posession of the current owner of this apartment, this reader could contact them?  While we're not necessarily disputing this reader's claim...  However, it is safe to say that some carpets can look very similar without actually being the same exact piece.  If it is the same Persian carpet which this reader had this misfortune of their carpet being thrown to the curb, we wish them the best of luck in the recovery!


For the full articles on, click on the links below!

Reader response at bottom of the following page: 

Link to original article: 



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