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On a Rug

ex-Shah of Iran's Lamborghini Miura


We love google images, but sometimes we just cant find exactly what it is we're attempting to find! 

One long-term ongoing search we've been trying to locate are photographs of the Shah of Iran's car collection.  More specifically, we've heard rumours of the Shah having parked his Lamborghini Miura (seen right, currently in the Nicholas Cage collection) on a very finely woven Persian carpet. 

The Miura has long time been a staple of supercar beauty, certainly ranking in our number 1 spot as the most attractive exotic.  So what would be better than a Miura?  A Miura parked on a Persian Carpet.  Yes, sounds sacrilege.  And agreed, decadence to the max with an overtone of monstrosity.  However, it's not nearly as bad as reactions we've seen to the Sinatra Miura with Shag lined interior.  Unfortunate for owners, perhaps less so for carpets: From our research, when in operation, Miura's were more widely known for spitting fuel from the carbs and catching fire more so than leaking oil.

P.S.: We recommend the use of 'strict search filter' if using the keyword "on a rug".  Good Luck!

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