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Rug Rag Advice for Obama Puppy Dog

Obama Dog



April 12, 2009  What a Holiday gift!  According to AOL News, it's said that the Obama Family Portuguese Water Dog is due to arrive at the White House any time early this week!  TMZ stated the dog is from the same breeder as Senator Ted Kennedy's: Democratic pedigree.  The puppy's name was Charlie, but now is being called "Bo".  He was apparently sold by the Texas breeder, then shortly thereafter returned by the original owner. Hopefully it wasn't because of pet accidents on nice Persian Rugs, that's easily avoidable!

Seeing as there are a lot of awesome Persian Rugs in the White House, in addition to the Bush Oval Office Carpet that Obama said he'd be keeping... We'd like to offer the Rug Rag Tips to dual pet-and-rug ownership!  Congrats Obama Family!



Rug Rag Stain Removal Guide

oriental rug cleaning for Wool carpets from A to P





Dog on Carpet


It's now my Dog's Carpet! Help!

Animals love rugs, don't let your dog take over them







"ORPs" (Oriental Rug Predators) Canine and Feline Variety : )  

Clawing, scratching, etc.









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March 13. 2009 08:42

Obama dog

This breed makes wonderful pets, and their curly hairs are good for people allergic to dogs.

Obama dog

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