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Not Abrash

Stained Rug


We recently made an entry on abrash: What it is, and how to identify. 

In doing so, we also found a disconcerting tactic used by an ebay seller.  They applied the term 'abrash' to a rug which did not exhibit such beautiful color changes, rather a rug which had severe stains!  

We're not entirely sure what could have caused such color changes, although we do have guesses.  It is worth noting that rugs which have been subjected to chemical washes or tea washes or other forms of post-production alteration may not react well.  Should a carpet have a pre-existing condition, or has previously been subjected to chemicals, end results may vary, and significantly so.  

Our best guess as to what happened with this rug:  Due to the circular shape of each lighter area, both located in the lower portion of the rug, we believe these were probably the first to come in contact with whatever chemicals they used to soften the colors of this rug.  Uneven distribution, and not quick enough action on the washer's behalf.  On close inspection of the rug in detail, we also noted one area which had signs of possible dry rot, although we cannot say for certain as we did not see the rug in person.

Be careful as to what is out there online.  It's all too common we find incorrect and misleading information on the internet, and many of the sellers have a vested interest in deceiving their customers.  In a market such as eBay, feedback is not everything.  In fact, we've seen more sellers with stellar feedback selling their rugs inaccurately than other. 

Other info: Advertised as a 10' x 13' Persian Heriz. Asking price ~$1250 shipped.  knot count was counted in the vicinity of 30 kpsi, which is very low, and would set it outside of a Heriz attribution, perhaps Gorovan or other.  Age was stated to be 1940's, although could be newer. 


Not Abrash 

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