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New to Oriental Rugs?

Purchasing an oriental rug online can be a hit or a miss. Unless you know what to look for... Rugs come in infinite qualities, dozens of countries, almost all ages and most importantly, all ranges of condition.

One of the worst rug burns online are the "No Reserve" auctions. Many of these sellers use misleading information on age, style, condition, and in some cases even marker their rugs with permanent marker, rug paints and even chalk to avoid costly repairs and cover up heavily worn areas. There is little consolation when soon after opening your rug, you realize the wrapping it arrived in was practically keeping it together in one piece!

We estimate approximately 40% of no reserve items sold on online auction sites are un-washable due to damage, practices such as painting, markering, chalking and inferior tea washing methods. Many, if not all, of the listed "fixes" can result in significant changes to your rugs appearance when it comes in contact with water: even a regular spot cleaning may cause colors to run!

With that being said, we believe we've developed a fun, interactive way to assess your present and future carpets in-home.

It's an Automated Oriental Rug Appraisal tool - an industry first.

We walk you through step by step as to how you may assess your own rug. Although at the end of the appraisal a final estimated value is produced, the most important take away is the understanding of what makes an Oriental Rug valuable.

We know you will enjoy our website, and look forward to your comments. Don't forget to check our site map for frequently asked questions and subscribe to our feed!



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