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Nazmiyal Persian Silk Heriz Carpet Once Lot 194 of Sotheby's?

You be the judge...  It's a very rare instance this type of rug is 'woven twice.'  We're huge fans of silk Heriz carpets, and this is a spectacular example we now believe to be in the hands of the nazmiyal collection in Manhattan. 

Nazmiyal Silk Heriz 2008 vs. Sotheby's Silk Heriz Lot 1982

Above:  Comparing the two, pay close attention to similarities in varying border width and shape - almost identical in each image, especially the upper right hand quadrant.  The image above and on the left may be seen on Nazmiyal's website (inventory number 3087) where the piece is documented as measuring 6'8" x 9'11". 

Lot 194 from a Sotheby's sale on October 30th, 1982 (Above and Right, Below and Right) was either unsold, passed or withdrawn.  The carpet had an estimate of $80,000 / 100,000.  Sotheby's measured the rug at 6'8" x 10'. 


Detail of Nazmiyal silk Heriz and Sotheby's Silk Heriz

Today at auction, it's not uncommon for an exceptional silk Heriz to fetch $900 + per square foot, although accurate 'value' projections for these types of rugs are highly dependent upon multiple variables. This particular rug is more unusual:  Typical size for this genre rug is ordinarily found in the 4' x 6' range, with decreased production in each incrimental size over.  This in itself increases the rarity, and unique investment opportunity. 

Nazmiyal Silk Persian Heriz  Sotheby's Silk Heriz

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