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Nazmiyal Collection, Manhattan NYC


Perched on the second floor of 31 East 32nd Street in Manhattan resides a showroom teeming with some of the finest examples of antique oriental rugs

The Nazmiyal Collection

Nazmiyal Collection

Owner Jason nazmiyal has been in the business for over twenty-five years, creating a company which has long been known for both eclectic and exceptional antique rugs circa mid to late 19th century.  A recent merger with Damoka back in early 2009 only further reinforced Nazmiyal's position in the marketplace:  An acquisition which accounts for more than double their previous inventory, augmenting the depth and breadth of what was seemingly already a replete collection.  While Nazmiyal is primarily wholesale, clientele includes designers, collectors, connoisseurs and the well-informed public. 

"We've even stocked several of the major auction houses,"  Says Omri Schwartz, General Manager at Nazmiyal's NYC location.  It's no wonder.  My eyes wander around at the expansive inventory of barrel-rolled mansion size carpets and antique area rugs stacked waist high:  It's abundantly clear this is not your average selection.  These are choice pieces from the prime vintage with characteristics defining the epitome of what is desirable for each genre from both collection and decorative standpoints.  "Many dealers are quick to buy something for $1 knowing they can sell it immediately for $2," Says Omri.  "We're very selective in what we acquire.  In some instances, we've purchased pieces we knew we may wait 20 years to sell: It was just that good of an example."  

With two of the highest prices fetched for Oriental Rugs practically selling back-to-back in June 2008, and October 2009, a domino effect is more than in motion.  While often influenced by provenance, appreciation for fine rugs and the recognition of such as true artwork has proven momentum.  Hammer prices for small area rugs have exceeded the $4 million mark and done so in the most trying of times.  Generally, rugs of the 16th century tied up in Museums and rare collections, pieces from the 17th century exceedingly rare to find intact, rugs of the 18th century seemingly non-existent, many rugs of the 20th century heavily influenced by Western demand and commercialization...  Pressing the elevator button on the second floor of 31 East 32nd street, it's never been so apparent how affordable antique rugs of the 19th century really are.  Relatively speaking, it's a depreciated vintage with high investment potential.  Perhaps more than 'some' are worth waiting 20 years to sell.  In reality, right now seems the appropriate time to buy.

Nazmiyal Reception Area

Nazmiyal Collection Manhattan 

Nazmiyal Repair 

East Wall at the Nazmiyal Showroom

31 E 32nd Street

NAZMIYAL Inc. 31 East 32nd Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10016 |

Contact Toll-Free 877-784-3463




Nazmiyal Panorama


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