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NYC Lobby Rug and Friend's Living Room Carpet


Last weekend I went to a friend's apartment not too far from Stuyvesant Square.  On the way in, I caught this contemporary area rug (seen below) in the lobby of the Co-op!  The rug measured in the vicinity of 5' x 8'.  It had a really nice quality wool with long staple, luster/sheen.  A common mistake people make is thinking a rug without fringe automatically points to being 'machine made'.  This is a perfect example of the exception, and there are many.  Especially with newer rugs coming from Nepal, Tibet, and India (which is where we believe this one was made).  It's a hand knotted carpet with wool pile and cotton foundation.  Depending on location of purchase, a rug of this quality, knot density (approx. 60 - 80 KPSI) could run anywhere from $500 - $2,250, although most likely in the vicinity of $700 would be more typical for average retail.  Other factors which could lead to higher premium would include oversight from organizations which protect 'weaver interests' and/or acquisition from a branded retailer. This rug was probably made post 2000.

Indo Nepal


In the living room of the apartment was the green carpet seen below.  This is an Indian (Indo) interpretation of a Persian Heriz/Serapi design.  The size was approximately 8' x 10'.  Although we had the benefit of inspecting the carpet in person and viewing the back, selvedges, kilim and construction.  However, some 'looser' indicators which al in conjunction allude to this being an Indian weaving from this photograph alone are: 

  • design execution, field color being green and other, softer pastels (hints to late 80's early 90's vintage India).
  • Longer fringe.
  • Alternating, dual rows of red and blue woven into the kilim between the fringe and the pile of the rug.
At your typical retail showroom, an example like this in like new condition (8' x 10' size) would run in the vicinity of $1,000 to $1,600.  Although the wool was of good quality, and knot denisty measured ~80 KPSI, the colors are not particularly conducive to today's market.  Perhaps 20 years ago, a carpet such as this would retail for as much as $2,800 +/-.

Indo Heriz


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