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Mitt Romney Utah Ski Lodge on the Market for $5.25 Million


Mitt Romney 9,500 Square Foot Mansion in Deer Valley Utah


Former Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's Family Ski Lodge Mansion located in Deer Valley Utah is currently on the market for $5.25 million according to the Huffington Post. As seen in the photograph to the right, this home is glowing and huge: some 9,500 square feet!

Looking around through some of the slide images, we caught a glimpse of many rooms with wall-to-wall carpeting, and just a few area rugs.  Here are some of the pieces we found with the Rug Rag Oriental Rug keyword tips and identification!

Seen Below:  A small area rug.  To determine country of origin, we would need to see additional photographs, although it's fairly safe to say this is a hand knotted rug. However, what we can see is repeating panels each with their own Mirab (unidirectional prayer design).  This type of rug would probably fall into the design category known as Saph Rugs.  Most commonly, these will be found to have even number of panels, often 6-12 side by side.  While not particuarly popular for modern production, many of the more commonly found rugs with this pattern would probably be from the pre-1920 vintage, and common country of weaving being Turkey.


Saph Rug

Seen Below:  Beautiful log structure cabin with a great view...  And what appears to be a Navajo Style Carpet on the floor.  These carpets are typically feature few colors, a fair amount of negative space.  The structure is a flatweave meaning it has no pile and is very thin. 

Navajo Design Rug



Special thank you to "Jilly" for bringing this fantastic Movie Carpet to our Attention!

For anyone interested in submitting movie rug & carpet suggestions, feel free to contact us



* We have taken on the task of identifying oriental rugs and Carpets from one photograph, and one photograph only!  Bear in mind, the names and key terms provided below are simple insight and suggestions as to what the rug or carpet at hand may be, not necessarily definitive information.  Proper identification of an Oriental Rug or Persian Carpet by a professional should be done in person, or at least with the Rug Rag standardized Oriental Rug Identification Sample Photographs.  If you have additional insight on these rugs, or have taken a particular liking to any one, feel free to comment in the field at the bottom of this entry!   



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