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Michael Jackson's Neverland Estate: Rugs to be Auctioned



5 Day auction of Michael Jackson's Neverland Valley estate items.  The sale will be held April 21 - 25, 2009 by Julien's Auctions.

Estimates seem somewhat low: Every Rug below (with exception to the "Cleopatra's Last Moments" painting by D Pauvert), has an estimate of under $600. 

The rugs aren't exactly what we'd expect from the estate of Michael Jackson!  Very commonly found commercial quality pieces and not that much value behind them.  BUT, fact is, they're Michael Jackson's rugs.  "The King Of Pop's Rugs"

Below and Right:  Bukhara design runners.  This type of design is sometimes referred to as "The Elephant Footprint."  The repeating medallions in the field are derived from much older, highly collectible weavings called "Tekke" rugs.

Bokhara Runner on stairs

Jackson Stair Bokhara Rug

  Below: A Persian Rug in the style of old Camel Hair Serab's.

Jackson Estate Rugs Serab Style


Below: A rug said to actually have been in the Office of Michael Jackson.  Going by the ringe and general appearance of the rug, we believe this is a machine made carpet.  Viscose, a plant derivative may account for the high sheen, which often contributes to a "silk" like feel at a lower price point.

European Panel Design Rug


Below, Lot 665: "Cleopatra's Last Moments" by D Pauvert.  Auction estimate between $20,000 and 30,000.

"Cleopatra's Last Moments" by D Pauvert


Below & Left: A Hamedan style rug.  Below & far right: A Kelim Rug.

Hamedan and Kilim Rug of Michael Jackson's Estate


Don't Forget, The Custom Neverland Valley Rugs:

Neverland Valley Rugs




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March 6. 2009 18:25


All glitz, no glory. i would think Jackson's estate would have MUCH better rugs.


March 6. 2009 18:29


Agreed. This may have to do a lot with the decorator and who they know in the biz. Browsing the catalog, the majority of items were newer.

All the best,

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June 26. 2009 22:25


I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The rugs may not look "glory" but they have quality and i think they are beautiful and fine art. I have pattern like the first one but be sure the quality is no where near and the price is for sure out of range. "Cleopatra's last moments" is for sure a pleasure to view.


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