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Mahi Tabriz Rug on

Colleen of AT (  recently wrote an article titled "The Year of the Cleared-Off Coffee Table."  The Rug underneath the coffee table (seen below) is similar to rugs which are referred to in the Industry as "Mahi Tabriz" rugs, sometimes found in Bidjar variety as well.  Mahi translates to the word "fish" which is a stylized interpretation of a small-scale, diagonally oriented repeating pattern.  This style is also very similar to "Herati" designs, which often are scaled to focus more on geometric elements between the Mahi design.  In the example seen below, Mahi elements are seen in the field and background of each concentric medallion.  Some finer grades of Mahi tabriz rugs may be found to have upwards of 70 RAJ, which roughly converts to 645 +/- KPSI, and some may feature silk or artificial silk highlights throughout often as "white" outlines. 

Mahi Tabriz Rug and a Coffee Table
Above: image as seen on

Investment levels vary greatly depending on quality, age, origin, design, colors, and materials used.  These are designs which have been interpreted in many, many weaving areas.  Similar designs may be seen in Moud Rugs and Carpets, and Hamadan Herati design rugs, which often may be found to have slightly coarser knot density, and generally, falling into a "lower investment" category than the previously noted "Mahi Tabriz" carpets. However, these designs are not only isolated to the previously mentioned examples, or the ones noted below.


Mahi Tabriz on eBay




This is a Mahi design Tabriz to the left: Scale of the Mahi design is slightly more compact, and with higher grade of detail.  Excellent contrast with even design execution throughout: a very carefully drawn map.  Also note the scalloped edges of the medallion and spandrels separating each field and concentric medallion.




Moud Rug online




Moud or Mood carpet seen to the Left:  Note the sickle shaped flowers wrapping around round design elements.  These are what often are referred to as the "Mahi" design. 







Herati Rug on eBay



Hamedan Herati seen to the left:  Note the more simplified flowers, and more clarity for the geometric Herati design centered in the image in ivory.










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