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50 Cent CRIBS, MTV Special Presentation Connecticut Mansion Exclusive

51,657 square feet...  50 Cent's mansion in Farmington CT, formerly owned by Mike Tyson

Above: Back view of the house overlooking 50's pond in Farmington CT...  The property is some 17.6 Acres, and the house itself is approximately 51,657 square feet with 19 bedrooms and 35 baths (according to MTV.) An article on stated 50 Cent (Curtis James Jackson III) purchased this home from Mike Tyson's Former wife Monica Turner Tyson for $4.1 million.  Tyson's ex received it in her divorce settlement for $1.  Tyson paid some $2.7 million for the Mansion in 1996.  Some timeline....  

50 cent swings open the door in his robe for MTV Cribs

50 Swings open the door in his Robe ready to show the place up. 

First things first, we go over the rugs.  

Living Room area with washed-out large print Oriental Rug

The carpet seen above is in one of the living room areas.  The Design is an allover pattern, similar to a Antique Persian Sultanabad Design or Turkish Oushak Design with an unusually wide border.  Really nice looking charcoal field, the overall scope of the rug has a sun-faded look, which is in high demand for the current Market.  Size is probably in the vicinity of 9'x12' or so, possibly a 10'x14'. 

Upstairs in the Mansion, the Awards Corner

Upstairs in the Awards section seen above, we have a round Persian Design rug which is probably about 6' or so in size underneath the round table.  Similar rugs with Persian Designs to this round piece would include very fine tabriz carpets.  Prices vary greatly, and it's difficult to determine from this photograph alone, however, it's probably safe to say the round rug and the rectangle seen in the corner are both hand knotted rugs.  From what we hear, this Palace was somewhat furnished, although this is word of mouth.  What we can say, is whether these rugs were picked out by Tyson (previous owner of the home) or 50's designers, there are some really attractive looking carpets in this mansion.  

Dining room table in 50's house, apparently never used!

Above is the dining room setup close to the front of the house.  Apparently the chairs came with the house when sold to 50, so these are 'Tyson' chairs.  The table itself, however, was specially flown in.  You know that's some big money...  Although 50 admits he, or anyone else in the house, has yet to eat at this table. 

A new BMW or a Chandelier?  Chandelier

Above, 50 jests about how he could have purchased a new BMW with the price of this Chandelier, which cost some $80,000 courtesy his interior designer who just doesn't skimp.  It's got some sort of red button which indicates the exclusivity of the maker/origin. 

1 of 6 Kitchens in 50 Cent's Mansion

Seen above is just one of 6 kitchens.  It's quite apparent that given the sheer size of this house, there are a lot of areas that just don't get used.  This gigantic Kitchen is just another one of them. 

50's Favorite Vitamin Water: "Formula 50" 

Inside the fridge, of course, is stocked full of Vitamin water.  His Favorite?  "Formula 50" 

Chillin in his Home theater Chair

50 went ahead and changed into something a little less comfortable than his Robe.  Yet he still manages to doze off in his leather recliner in the Home Theatre.  "I like technology that can do stuff..." He stated while the camera paned a Kaleidescape home theatre system.  Apparently he has some 3000 movies in the system

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December 19. 2008 14:05


Thank God 50 because you are Blessed!

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February 24. 2009 19:12

PraiseGod Mudzudza

I think 50cent is the best as long as fashion & styles is being considered

PraiseGod Mudzudza

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