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Lost Season 5 Finale

Some of us here may be slightly obsessed with the show Lost. If you haven't been watching, start, but from the beginning otherwise you'll be more lost than necessary.  The 2 part season 5 finale last night was incredible. The first thing they showed was Jacob (who has been talked about for 4 seasons but has never been shown) weaving a rug!

It appears to be a flatweave rug, but the real question is, what is the significance of this rug to the show. Followers of the show know that the writers don't put things in that aren't crucially important to some part later on. The rug appears to have some type of written language at the top and a bunch of Egyptian figures praying to a symbol.

We're gonna go ahead and guess that Jacob is weaving this rug as an homage to the Egyptian God Udjat, which is symbolized by the eye in the top center of the rug between the wings. Now this is where it gets interesting, the eye represents Horus, who is said to symbolize healing or protection. Could Horace from the Dharma Initiative be more of a main character than we thought? Or are we reading into this the wrong way? Could the lines coming from the eye represent the Sun God Ra, who surprisingly has the same initials as Richard Alpert?!

We would love to hear what fellow watchers have to say about this mysterious rug, so if you have any ideas whatsoever please feel free to leave a comment down below and we can maybe get a good discussion going on this!

Jacob weaving the rug
Jacob weaving The Rug

Locke and Ben with the rug
Locke and Ben with the rug

Ben touching the rug
Ben with the rug


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