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Looking for Authentic Food in Washington DC?

Marrakesh Palace DCI was down in DC to film a Lecture by JBOC on the Ethnolinguistic Examination of Caucasian Rugs in mid-December when stumbling upon Marrakesh Palace.  What really caught my eye was the decor:  oriental Design Carpets adorning the floors under every table.  Although the lecture was an outstanding experience, work was done for the day.  After bringing all the camera gear and equipment back up to the hotel, I decided to give this "Authentic Moroccan Cuisine" a try.  To be honest, I couldn't have cared less where I was eating...  But was blown away by the food they served.

Walking in was quite an experience.  Certainly an immediate feeling of being somewhere other than DC: There was a heavy aroma of incense walking in.  The entire restaurant was was warm, neat, clean and pleasant. 

To start, I ordered the "Zaalouk," which is an oven roasted eggplant dish with fresh tomatoes paprika, garlic, and cilantro.  For entree, I chose the Chicken Fassi: Which is an oven baked Chicken with dried apricots.  Immediately after ordering, the bread came out.  It was spectacular.  Perfectly warm on the inside, slightly crispy on the outside.  This was served with spicy olives, and they were outstanding.  I enjoyed the Zaalouk very much, which was a very smooth dish.  However, when the Chicken Fassi was served, I was in awe.  Beautiful presentation with a glazed chicken centered in a large open lipped bowl.  Apricots surrounding the chicken at the bottom, stewing in the juice, sweetening the chicken.  It was delicious, absolutely delicious.

The host had mentioned there was going to be a belly dancer, which unfortunately I had left too early (tired).  From my understanding this is an event they feature every night open, but call in advance.  Although I had missed the belly dancer, I did not miss the opportunity to come back the next day and show photographs of the inside with Red Carpets and All to share.  Enjoy the rugs, they had a lot!    -David, Co-Founder


Marakesh Palace Runner



Seen Right: Long Runner between two main rooms of the restaurant of Marrakesh Palace

2147 P St NW
Washington, DC 20037

(202) 775-1882

(202) 775-1884


Below: Several of many rugs and Carpets to be seen on the floor

Open Field Persian or Oriental Design Machine Made

Ornate Corner of the Sun Room!

Skylight Dining Area  

Table Settings, Marrakesh Palace

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