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Le Petit Ermitage, Los Angeles

Le Petit Ermitage entrance



There several somewhat unexpected places in Los Angeles we found oriental rugs and rug designs.  Among one of them was Le Petit Ermitage, a small botique hotel in West Hollywood, California.  Clearly a tremendous amount of thought went into the decor of Le Petit.  Literally every wall of the hotel featured a some artistic element such as framed paintings or lithographs, which according to the concierge were part of the owners personal art collection. 

Tabriz Ottoman

Upstairs on the top of Le Petit was an unreal sight.  The roof was 4 short-tiered levels.  A restaurant in the front taking up two levels, a heated pool on another, and on the last tier set slightly lower than all, an outdoor seating area around a gas fireplace. 

The carpet seen to the left was actually the covering for an Ottoman in the waiting area of the restaurant. Although I did not have the opportunity to take a look at the back of the rug, it appeared to have been a slightly coarser semi-antique tabriz from Iran.  A very pretty example, and certainly a more creative use of an older rug adding great sophistication to the room.


Below and Right:  Among the many unusual and creative artistic elements seen in the hotel was the incorporation of flowing vines from the carpet continued up the walls.  This was consistent throughout all the hallways, and although subtle, certainly did not go unnoticed by us!


Le Petit Flowing Vines


Le Petit Ermitage Hall


Below:  The entrance to Le Petit Ermitage.  Seen on the floor is a area rug/tribal carpet with a design partially attributable to abadeh, Shiraz and Qashqai rugs.  

Lobby Petit Ermitage

As one of the more remote observations which is subject to interpretation was this couch pillow found at Le Petit.  The design was somewhat reminiscent of that which is found in the field of the pazyryk Rug, the oldest known carpet in the world. 

Pazyryk style Fabric

Abadeh Design

Corner Carpet

Le Petit Rug


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