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Landfill Heriz

 For most people, the landfill is the last place you would go hunting for an Oriental rug, but for Ray Rosenberg it turned out to be just the spot. Ray is a collector, restorer and co-founder of the Rug Society of San Diego, so needless to say he knows a little bit about rugs. While bringing some spring trash to the dump in New Hampshire, he jokingly said to his partner "Look out for any oriental rugs." Seconds later his partner responded with, "I think I see one." What they saw was a rolled up Heriz with some serious rot damage. After clearing the taking of the rug from the dump with the 'dump man', the two brought the rug home and surveyed the damage; giant 2 foot holes down the entire middle of the rug!

Original Landfill HerizThe Landfill Heriz, pre-cosmetic surgery

 A Man and His Masterpiece, the Landfill HerizA man and his masterpiece, the Landfill Heriz

 What follows next can only be described as a "centerectomy." A 3 foot wide, entire length chunk was taken from the middle of the rug. Also some parts of the selvage were taken and replaced with an intact part of the middle. After a thorough scrub, the rug was matched together on the back using a single strip of 4 inch reinforcing tape. Granted the final product looks a little off if you take a good look, to the average passerby, it's a great piece of Oriental rug.


All in all it's a really heartwarming story about one mans' junk turning into another mans' treasure. We applaud you Ray Rosenberg for truly showing us the meaning of professional.




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