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LOT 11246 Heriz silk rug.



LOT 11246 Heriz silk rug. 

NORTHWEST PERSIA, CIRCA LATE 19TH CENTURY, inscribed.  6 ft. x 4 ft. 11 in.

Estimate: $5,000-7,000

SOLD: $13,000 + 25% Buyers Premium.  22 bids

Freeman's Comments (Combined from both online and Catalogue):  Note: A related Heriz silk rug with a center medallion centered by four cartouches containing inscriptions was sold at Phillips, London, sale of February 9, 1993 (illustrated, Hali 66, p. 78).  Rug is very pliable, supple- not dry or brittle. Top end of is generally intact; bottom end has some losses and at bottom lower right there are some vertical tears in rug. Rug has some visible repairs. There are some ''creases'' along some of warps near bottom of rug. None of rug is threadbare.

Rug Rag Comments:  Although my favorite rug of our visit to Freeman's, this carpet is the perfect example of "Buyer Beware" even with some of the larger auction houses.  Overall, the carpet is in fair (might even say poor) condition.  Interestingly enough, the rug shows little to no actual wear from use (pile height is almost like new with no low areas) the carpet appears to have been poorly handled through its' years.  There is one chunk near the corner of the rug which appears as though someone may have tried to hang the rug for the gallery viewing, and rather than supporting its own weight, a large 2"x3" piece of the carpet was lost: This is not seen in any photographs, nor was it mentioned in auction notes.  The winner may want to ask the gallery if they have this piece, as it appears to have been damaged when attempting display.  Overall, the carpet was absolutely stunning, however seems to have little to no utility even as a wall hanging in present condition.  Rug will need a professional restoration for aesthetic and structural purposes.

Lot 1246, Freeman's Auctioneers Sale 1302.  Photograph as used from eBay item 140213093117.

We found this carpet laid out on a table in the far corner of the first level of Freeman's gallery.

The carpet has beautiful execution of both color and design. 

As seen below, the pile was very much intact, probably not much different in height from the day it was created more than a full century past. 

As seen above, the metal ring was probably used for hanging, which probably played a very big role in the splitting of the end as seen above.  We believe the missing piece below to have been due in part by a faulty attempt to hang this rug for gallery viewing pre-auction.  Also note the left border in green above the tag.  In this area, the knots are significantly larger.  Silk Heriz carpets, although notorious for the beauty and luxury, are also well known for being uneven.  Often you will find slight asymmetry in the designs, giving the pattern heavier weight on one side.  Irregularities and slight differences in width from one side to the other is also not uncommon.

The rug had several splits such as the one seen above, as well as several smaller repairs.  Although the pile is in very good / excellent condition, the general state of the carpet would best be described as fair.  Numerous splits and gouged end will only require attention from a true expert in the field of oriental rug Restoration.  It's hard to believe this carpet could be displayed in its current condition, as the rug is extremely fragile and prone to future breakage.


See Lot 11246 on Freeman's Website: Additional pictures and item details!

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