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Kim Kardashian on MTV Cribs RugRag Reviews Oriental Rugs of the Rich and Famous

Kim Kardashian's Crib has some nice Oriental Carpets.  Certainly former Track Olympian and step-father Bruce Jenner should find these rugs as a low impact walk about the house.  Kim herself may not differ from the idea of having some cushion under the foot, especially seeing this plush wall-to-wall carpet which lines her bedroom below.  While normally this would be taboo for the Rich and Famous in our book, we have to side with Kim's choice this time.  That is to say, if there were a Persian Rug sprawled out on the floor, it would have been difficult to install the stripper pole....

MTV Cribs, Kim Kardashian's Bedroom and Stripper Pole

Perhaps most surprising was a chandelier Kardashian noted as having been an antique imported from Russia.  What was so special about it?  Apparently a crown which had been moulded on the top portion.  Hey Kardashian, spend a couple bucks and get a custom Persian Rug!

Seen below is a great looking peshawar carpet.  You can be sure this rug cost a bundle.  But common, do these pistachio green chairs really belong on this one-of-a-kind oriental rug?  New England Colonial looking furniture on a Peshawar Carpet?  It's an oxymoron, like say, Kardashian actually not having a stripper pole in her bedroom.  The two just don't go together!

Kardashian's Living Room and Peshawar Carpet

Kardashian Below says nothing about the rugs.  Nothing!  Wow, with all the Armenian history of weaving some of the finest silk rugs the World has ever seen, and not even a slight nod to the heritage...  What a shame.

Kim Kardashian on Peshawar Rug


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February 8. 2009 02:46


i love you kim

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February 9. 2009 00:00


Kim Baby, nice Rugs


February 9. 2009 00:02


I like that peshawar rug a lot. pretty awesome, looks old too


April 4. 2009 18:44

little kim

i love u kim & i wana be laike u >>
am from kuwait

little kim

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