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John Mayer "Free Falling" Music Video Oriental Rug


John Mayer "where the light is," LA


John Mayer has had some billboard top hits.  There certainly is something to be said about a performer who performs on a Rug.

For a long time, Persian rugs have been a staple of the celebrities: From Notorious BIG's hit Hypnotize with Biggie's uncensored proposition to seducing women in home on Persian Rugs to Performers such as Dave Matthews and John Mayer who captivate audiences on stage with their lyrics and artwork beneath their feet.

So what's the lure?  Other than tying a room together, Persian rugs spell Romance.  The age old tradition of weaving rugs has been a timeless art.  The mere process of creating an imperfect perfection: creating something from nothing.  The art of weaving is passed from generation to generation: From the process of spinning the yarn, coloring the materials, and finally integrating it into a cohesive, flowing (and sometimes angular) form is not confined to utility alone.  These are rituals, which have been celebrated by weavers for many, many years.  Even the act of reciting a talim, or carpet blueprint, comes across more to the tune of a rhythmic song rather than an occupation.

If the rugs themselves are created by the unabounded, limitless extention of language, song and otherwise intangible communication shared by nearly all of humankind, it only makes sense that those of whom truly appreciate the art form exhude such sophistication in their art in the way they know best.  The international language of song music extends further than just rhythm and beat, but the semblance of words to make a completed, finished work.  The presentation of such artisan craft is only augmented by physical and tangible representation of such.

John Mayer in Concert Live

Free Falling Music Video John Mayer on Persian Design Rug



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