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It's now my Dog's Carpet! Help!

No, She's not Dead.  She's just very passive aggressive and has a serious carpet problem.

Several weeks back, I purchased 2 oriental rugs.  As soon as I walked in the door, the dog was over them.  Both rugs were rolled up side-by-side on the floor.  After a little sniffing...  okay, a LOT of sniffing, she jumped up onto both of them WHILE ROLLED UP, and FELL ASLEEP.  This is when I realized they're no longer "my" rugs.

It happens much more often than one would think.  You find that special carpet you love, you bring it back home, and your pet thinks its a special delivery for them.  

After cutting the pads too the right sizes, I gently pushed her off the rolled up rugs and began to opened up the larger of the two.  Of course she wasn't happy.  While trying to position this dense 8'x10' bokhara, she jumps into the middle of it, stretches out a mighty stretch, and falls asleep once again.  

She's in love with these two rugs: 

Basenji on Pakistani Bokhara

Above is a 5 year old Basenji.  She's a riot, but has a serious rug problem.  She's very respectful of all the pieces here... But just look at the expression on her face.  She's made them her carpets.  


Basenji Dog Carpet.  Oriental Rug Thief! 


The best way to prevent your pet from having territorial issues on a carpet is to provide a pet bed for them to know is theirs. 


Otherwise, ask Cesar about confronting in a non-agressive manner:

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