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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Season 3 Episode 3


Dennis and Dee's Mom Is Dead

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"wild Card _____"  You're on a Rug Blog!  

Perhaps the humor may be a little raw for some, however, amidst the hilarity of this show: You guessed it, there are rugs.  Either that, or it's something we're all too used to spotting.  Like a couple of Oil Men selling door to door...

Dee at home, Nichols rug

Above:  Dee at home strategizing how to extort money from her real father.  In the background - a Chinese Nichols carpet.  In a 9'x12', good colors and very good to near mint condition, these may sell anywhere from $2,500 - $10,000 at retail.  Whether or not this is an authentic Nichols rug, we'd need to see more rug photos!

Party Mansion Passed out

Above:  Dennis got what he wanted from his Mothers will - an awesome "Party Mansion" which he and the gang then use to meet 'new dudes' in hopes of passing on their legacy.  The carpet:  Probably a Chinese hand tufted rug with a French Aubusson design interpretation.  Sure, you've seen them on QVC and home depot.  In a 10' x 14' size, figure under $600 retail. If it is hand knotted, it's likely of the indo Variety of the mid 1970s to 1980s.  If that were the case, figure approximately $1800 in the 10' x 14' size in new condition retail.



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