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islimis are design elements often found in oriental rugs and Persian Carpets.  They are easily identifiable as flowing vines woven in a spiral.  It is not uncommon to find them circling in either direction, as they often are a design element which are incorporated in symmetrical half or quarter "map" rugs.  In this particular example to the left and below, the Islimis incorporate other design elements along the way, in this  instance, palmettes.  It is not uncommon for the Islimi to finish at a center point with a cypress tree (as in the carpet below), a palmette, or even an arabesque. Islimi's are commonly found in many different origin of rug.  However, they are commonly found in nain rugs, isfahans, and many more.  Perhaps the most recognizable example of Islimi's may be found in the famous Ardebil Carpets.


Islimi in a Persian Rug

Above & Left: An Islimi taken out of woven context in a hand knotted Persian Rug.  Above and Right: How an Islimi may be found in a woven rug (sampled from photograph below).


Very high quality Meshed from Iran

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