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Isfahan Oriental Rugs and Carpets

 Isfahan (also spelled Isphahan, Esfahan) rugs are often regarded as some of the finer oriental rugs woven in Iran.  While not all Isfahan rugs are of exceptional quality, a fair amount of production is specifically dedicated to yielding fine pieces.  isfahan rugs are commonly woven with wool pile (sometimes Qurk wool) on silk or cotton foundation.  It's not unusual for a fine quality Isfahan to have silk accents throughout the pile. 
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E?fahan, Iran is located near the center of the country


Perhaps the most distinguishing elements to a fine Isfahan rug include the the use of islimis, or spiraling vines incorporated into either the border, field or sometimes both.  Another common feature to a fine quality Isfahan is the incorporation of the Iranian flag into the first guard border on the top of the rug.  There are several workshops which weave signatures into Isfahan rugs, and most often, you will find the Iranian Flag woven on either side of this signature panel

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While Isfahan rugs vary in regards to the colors used, they often feature bold colors, or somewhat contrasting coloring.  Isfahans from the 1920's often featured bold red, blue and ivory, while in the 1960's colors even migrated to the use of mint green in the fields.  Isfahans are generally dense rugs with a higher knot count and firm handle yet still somewhat malleable.  



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