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Irregular Rug / Corners not Square

Irregularities include “mistakes” such as a significantly off-center medallion.  Another example is a rug with a “trapezoidal” shape rather than strict right angles. 

Irregularities in both designs and shape may affect value.  One of the quickest and most accurate ways to check for an irregular rug regarding design and shape is to fold the rug exactly in half lengthwise, and then width-wise.  When folding the rug, meet one corner to the same corner on the opposite end.  The point of folding the rug in half is to line up one entire side with itself to establish a means of quantifying the rug's irregularity.  Does one side overlap another by a significant amount?  Folding the carpet in half lengthwise and width-wise also help to distinguish if the medallion lands in the center, or if the corners line up.

Some carpets are significantly different in mapping.  Such is the case with the one shown below.  As you can see the vertical green bar shows where the middle of the medallion should be.  As you can see it is significantly off-center.  The blue and yellow arrows, point out the designs which should have matched on either side of the middle divider.  The left side of the rug was scaled much larger than the right side.  The scaling difference results in a distorted rug design, which is asymmetrical and off-center.

Offcenter medallion and heavy scaling on one side of the rug

The black box surrounding the piece below is the area the carpet would need to fill in order to be both straight and true.  The vertical and horizontal green bars show where the center of the rug, or in this case the medallion, should land.  You may notice there are inconsistencies within the design. The right side of the rug is less detailed in the tertiary border.  Note the medallion is also significantly off-center.  For purposes of the Rug Estimator Pro, this rug should be noted as "Both Poorly Mapped and not Straight."

Offcenter medallion

For additional information or one on one assistance please refer to our Rug Forum


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