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Internet Touch a Rug

There are certain advantages to purchasing a rug online such shopping from home.  We dedicate our entire website for buyers to make informed purchasing decisions, especially when it comes to internet rugs.  While there are many characteristics we can verify, from a consumer standpoint, there is no substitution for how the rug feels.  

There were two things which struck us about this photograph we found when we were reading Dr. Sobhe's blog (Retailer and e-tailer in Los Angeles, CA) this morning. 

Please Touch This Rug


First, how many times have you been in a store with multi-thousand dollar items where the words before "touch" read: "do not."  We love seeing the encouragement to customers, and this sign taps into EXACTLY what rugs are about.  Some of the finest rugs in the world feel incredibly soft and fragile, yet are unbelievably durable and resilient over the years.  We've posted on this rug before: it's one of a pair of Fine 'Saber' Mashads

Secondly, and as we mentioned, there absolutely is no substitue for actually feeling, holding and touching a rug or carpet in person.  Many people place a lot of stress on how thick or thin they want their area rug to be:  In reality, it's practically impossible to find an accurate and concise description of most rugs available online, especially when only one photograph is provided. Additionally, even if you called to inquire with some of the larger rug dealers online they may not even have the rug in their "warehouse."  Many of the larger stores offer rugs as a representation of another seller's inventory: They may NEVER have the rug in their possession.  Even if you inquire, the chances of them willing or able to describe the rug are very low.  If you call Dr. Sobhe we're pretty sure he would :) 

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