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Interesting Lavar Kirman, a Pictorial Rug

Interesting Pictorial Lavar Kirman

A Very Unusual Example of a Persian Pictorial Rug

Size: 4'6"x7'6"

Age:  ~115 year old antique.  Est. 1880-1900

condition:  Overall, this rug is in very good condition.  Owner states carpet has been in a private collection for some 60 years.  Pile is slightly uneven, with no knot heads.  Fringe is 98% intact, and all original.  The carpet has a significant amount of professional re-weaving done in the medallion.  It is evident from the design where there is now a "Tree of Life" design, there once was a figure head which is believed to have been that of a Persian Shah.  Re-woven area is raised slightly higher than surrounding, original pile.  There is very slight oxidation of light blues and darker colors, one moth hole the size of a pencil eraser, one half dollar size stain on the fringe which may come out with cleaning.  However, no end loss, no knot heads, no dry area, no splits or other.  An outstandingly well-taken-care-of carpet: Very unusual example in both craftsmanship, genre, and post production alteration. 

Special Attributes:  Very high quality Lavar Kirman, since rewoven to incorporate a "Tree of Life" motif.

Technical: 2 ply vegetable dye wool pile on cotton foundation.  Knots count approximately 17x19, or 323 kpsi.  

Other Comments:  Why this carpet has been subject to altercation is unknown.  Perhaps out of resentment to historic conditions, or simply to replace a worn/damaged area in the center field.  The pictorial remnants of what is believed to have been the bust of a Persian Shah, have been ever so carefully removed knot by knot, and then painstakingly rewoven to incorporate a "Tree of Life" motif.  All craftsmanship is of top quality, with no compromise to original KPSI.  Re-woven areas are believed to be sometime in the first quarter of the 20th century.  In the main field the rug shows a blossoming tree which splits to either side of the center field.  On the left hand branches perch male birds, on the right side female birds.

Top View

Medallion with birds

Below: Detail of front of the rug.  Note on the right hand side toward the lower portion of the image, the outline of a beard and shoulders all rewoven in brighter light blue.

Detail on front of the rug

Below: Detail of border

Detail of border

Below, the reverse of the carpet in one area to compare the area re-woven with original portion of the rug. 

Reverse side of the carpet

Quarter placed on top of the reverse side (as seen below) to note knot count of approximately 17x19, or 323 KPSI. 


Below: Lower portion of field as seen from the front of the rug.  Male bird on the left courting female bird on the right. 

Lower portion of the field

Birds detail

Below: One smaller area of wear, not quite to the knot heads, however somewhat close. 

Small area of wear

Below: Reverse side of the rug. 

Reverse side of rug


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