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Infotappeti is Here!

Infotappeti, the first Italian community for Oriental Carpets

It was our pleasure to recently be introduced to a new international website known as Infotappeti based in Italy.  Why are are we so excited about Infotappeti?  Well, beyond the fact that in our spare time we often play the Prince of Persia computer game emulator on their site there are several notable attributes to this site worth mentioning:  Infotappeti is a site (not a business) started in 2007 to promote awareness of hand knotted carpets through a series of forums.  Access is free, a great resource.

One of the most valuable assets to a buyer is information.  Infotappeti is an Italian community dedicated to news releases and informing buyers.  Those involved are aficionados, collectors, scholars and experts in the field of evaluating and assessing oriental carpets.  This is an excellent site to check out, be sure to take a good look, sign the guest book, and brush up on your Italian!

Infotappeti rug and carpet forum

Prince of Persia Emulator on Infotappeti!

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