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Infamous Area Rug Migration: When Pads and Underlining Aren't Enough!

Lightweight floor coverings such as very fine [thin] Oriental carpets, needlepoints, dhurries and others may have a difficult time staying in their intended space.  Sure, sometimes it may seem like your rug is attempting to take a tour of your home the amount it moves around every day...  While some homeowners may be flattered, more often than not, this constant attention to shift the rug back into place is simply frustrating.

One solution is to fatten that rug up!  Photographed below is the reverse side of an antique Sarouk edge.  It's a very thin area rug, and also unusually light in weight.  As you can see, someone had attached a fabric band with stitches running with the edge of the rug.  Within this fabric band are very small, yet effective, square weighted metal tabs.  

Weighted Straps on Oriental Rug

While this may not be the best option for all oriental rug owners suffering from the inevitable migration of their lightweight floor covering, it certainly is an excellent option. The attachment of this band will work in tandem with having a non-skid padding underneath the rug.  Remember, a carpet which shifts around and gets kicked up is far more susceptible to premature wear than one which stays in place!

Antique Sarouk with Weighted Band along sides 

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