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In Full Bloom

Springtime symbolizes a fresh start, especially after dealing with the harshness of winter. Although, hopefully allergies are not a problem.  This is an awsome display!

Maggies Farm posted on a gigantic carpet:  Made entirely of flowers. The Brussels "Flowercarpet" is made up of over 700,000 begonias and the flowers rest on the ground without soil. In fact, the plants are packed together so closely that they will not blow away in the wind.  The design is reminiscent of suzani type embroideries, with a similar pomegranate designs.  

Flower Brussels  
Brussels Flowercarpet

The Brussels' Flowercarpet dates back to the weekend of August 15th, 1971 and has been going every other year since then. Preparation for the layout is often drawn up a year in advance and is the first step towards the final product. After the design (which is usually themed) is drawn up, the planners obtain the flowers and draw the layout on the ground. Then it's finally time to create this floral masterpiece, and it takes 100 gardeners under four hours from start to finish!

We look forward to seeing what the Flowercarpet has in store for us next year and the date is already set for August 13-15, 2010. Also check out the time-lapse video they have on the official website, it's amazing!

Constructing the Brussels Flowercarpet
Constructing the Brussels Flowercarpet 

Flower Carpet





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