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Images of Carpets from the Barbara Zidell Sedlin Family Collection

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March 3rd, 2009 Sotheby's will be hosting the sale of the Barbara Zidell Sedlin Family collection*.  We were lucky enough to have a chance to view the gallery on Sunday March 1st, in what turned out to be an event which far surpassed expectations!  The exhibit was hosted on the 10th floor of Sotheby's New York, featuring a well rounded collection of antique carpets.

Rug Vest

Lot 44: A Baktiari vest from Central Persia.  A very fun piece with excellent colors and great design.  Seems as though the Baktiari's of 1900 understood vertical lines give the appearance of a thinner waist.  Unfortunately a bit small for us to try on, but nothing short of a fantastic example and conversation piece.  A must have for the collector seeking variety, although for everday use, we suggest non-piled kilim vests. Very well made and suitably finished example.

Auction estimate: $7,000 - 10,000. 


Lot 90: A 'Mohtashem Kashan' carpet.  Gorgeous piece with a somewhat unusual color palette of subtle tones.  Original examples may show remnants of purple silk selvages as identified by the green arrow in the upper right image.  The red arrow shows newer selvaging placed on top of the original.  It's always a good sign to see minute details of originality in a carpet of this caliber.  

Outside of design execution, antique kashan carpets attributed to the 'Mohtashem' workshop often are identifiable by several characteristics: knot count in excess of 250 kpsi, light blue wefts (lower right), and sometimes purple silk selvages.  

Auction estimate: $70,000 - 90,000.  8'3" x 11'6"

Mohtashem Kashan Selvages

Mohtashem Kashan Weft

Zili Sultan Rug

Lot 57: zili sultan Rug. 

Wow!  What an awesome, awesome example.  We've seen perhaps a dozen or so zuli sultan Rugs in person, this one was different than the others.  Two overlapping diamond 'medallions' outlined in black.  A truly excellent piece without the typical woes of dry wool and color run many of the rugs of this genre and age have sustained over the years. 

We're huge fans of the narrow border, and of course, the superb colors, design execution, and above all, condition.  A timeless piece with high desirability.  KPSI in the vicinity of 380.

Also See: Antique Zili Sultan

Auction Estimate: $20,000 - 30,000.  4'1" x 6'5"

 Zili Sultan Knot Density

Lot 96:  This Fereghan Sarouk Carpet has our Rug Rag vote for most attractive medallion of the exhibit.  Pile was thin with some knot heads showing, however, overall very evenly worn pile which is most important.  A very good example embodying very desirable characteristics.

Catalog notes: circa 1890, minor partial ends, partially overcast sides. "Having shimmering sea green spandrels, this carpet also exhibits particularly clear drawing in the cypress trees of the field, arabesque vinery of the spandrels and the very rhythmical arcaded border."

Auction Estimate: $20,000 - 30,000.  11' x 14'




Fereghan Sarouk Cypress Tree

Ferahan Sarouk Detail Field

Antique Persian Rug Medallion


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