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Gigantic Carpet 

gigantic carpet from SAMAD


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How big is huge?  Massive.  Gigantic.  Tremendous.  Epic....  Unparalleled.  Made for a Mansion.  Without a doubt, the carpet herewith is the single largest newly made, hand knotted, Indian carpet we are aware of in North America.  If not the largest in North America, perhaps the largest new hand knotted Indian carpet in the world.* 

29 Feet 4 Inches  X  47 Feet 2 Inches 

This particular carpet took 22 weavers of a Maurya family in a Suriywan village some 1000 days to create.  knot density measures approximately 154+/- KPSI, equating to over 33,000,000 knots.  If each knot woven were aligned side-by-side and placed on an end, the height would be more than 160 times taller than the Empire State Building in New York (including antenna), standing more than 44.5 miles high. 

But what is gigantic if not created with the best material inputs?  This carpet is.  Beautiful and rich vegetable dyes, handspun New Zealand blended wool, and a fine knot count.  This carpet has it all.  The beauty and value far exceeds the sum of its parts.  

Creating such a massive carpet is exponentially more difficult than an average area rug.  As just one of many comparisons, consider a typical commercialized 6' x 9' oriental rug may have been woven with a Naksha of only 2' x 3'.  We estimate the naksha of this carpet to be nearly 16' x 24'!   Additionally, the vast majority of creation process all needs custom restructuring: A custom loom to create, a special washing platform, specialized area for dyeing, weaving, drying, and even custom mode of transportation.**  


Gigantic Naksha

Above: Naksha for the massive Moghul Design Indian Carpet.  We estimate the blueprint alone for this carpet to be nearly 16' x 24' at it's widest and longest.

Massive Loom 

Above: The bottom border woven, strung on a loom.  Running vertically are the warps of the carpet, the foundation for which the knots will be tied on.  Note both top and bottom are rolled: The loom will be turned in incriments to allow a workable height for weavers.


Above: Did you notice the border alone is wide enough to be a wide gallery runner?!


Above:  Two to a corner, eight to the middle.  Probably weighing in at around 700-900 lbs, it's the only way to fold up this carpet.


Above:  Ever try rolling an elephant a few dozen times in a straight line?


Above:  All wrapped up in a bale and ready for shipment:  This carpet's getting loaded into a special truck and headed off to the ports.


Above: The samad Brothers Warehouse in New Jersey with the "Titanic" Size Carpet laid out.

Monsterous Palmette

Above:  Gigantic palmettes woven in the Moghul Design.  Really superb design execution.


Above: No, he's not counting the knots!  Perhaps a second-over for detailed trimming.

Overall Photograph

Above: It's hard to imagine a carpet that can't be easily photographed in full may still be made to completion!

Horizontal Knot Count

Above: Horizontal Knot Count around 10 to 11, depending on area.

Vertical Knot Count

Above: Vertical Knot Count around 14.

The samad Brothers have also created the most distinguished DVD documentaries on Rug Making:

Colors of India, A Rug Making Journey


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