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How to interpret Data

Below are examples of how to properly assess and estimate the value of your rug.

The Rug Estimator Pro was created with the intention of a 80% weight on knot count and 20% on color count.  This is to say, the rug estimator produces 3 numbers, an average, a floor and a ceiling.  In one situation, the Estimator may estimate your carpet to be 1,000 (average) with "most rugs in this category" falling between 600 (floor) and 1400 (ceiling). Lets say for example your rug has 100 kpsi and you used the selection of "99-130" KPSI.  Your color count was 9-11, but you counted 11 colors...  Take the difference of the high and low $ estimate which is 800.  Then take the difference of knot count (130-99=31) and make yourself a workable equation.  The 31 will be the denominator, and you had 1 knot of these 31 so...  1/31*.8*800=$20.65 to add to the base of the appraisal.  Again, the 1/31 is how many knots you have in the specified category, the .8 is the 80% weight on the knot count being the value, and the difference in range the Estimator generated.

Now for colors have 11 colors which has a 20% weight on value.  There selection you chose has 3 specific numbers: 9, 10 & 11.  Divide this into 3rds, and you have the highest number or 3/3.  So the equation is as follows 3/3*.2*800= 160

For your new and more accurate estimate, take the ~20 from the knot count, and 160 from the color value, and add this to your base of $600.  Your more "accurate" estimate your rug to be approximately $780 give or take. 


Try it for yourself - Your carpet has 165 knots per sq. inch so you select a KPSI of 131-220.  The carpet you have shows 7 colors, so you selected 7-8 colors.  The Estimator Tool has produced a price range of $3000 - $6000

difference in price range = 3000

220-131= 89 of which you have 34 (=165-135) knots

Make your equation for the knots

34/89*.8*3000 = 916.85

You have 1 of the 2 colors listed so that is 1/2

Make your equation for the colors

1/2*.2*3000 = 300

Add the two totals together and to the price floor provided by the Estimator Tool.  300+917+3000= 4217


The approximate value of your carpet is 4217For additional information or one on one assistance please refer to our Rug Forum.

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