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How to Maintain Your Padding and Underlining!

The padding underneath your rug serves many purposes: from leveling uneven floors to preventing direct contact of abrasive grit to the reverse of your rug.  Proper pad maintenance will ensure both longevity of your carpet, floor and pad itself. 


The use of certain floor cleaners without proper drying or cleaning may affect properties of your pad's rubber lining.  Chemical residues from floor cleaners may increase the likelihood of padding to floor and pad to carpet adhesion.  Either of the previously mentioned are very time consuming to correct, and may even result in the need to refinish your floor.  Avoid padding to floor adhesion by wiping your floor with a damp cloth (water) to remove residue left by your floor cleaner/treatment which can potentially "melt" the rubber. 

If a stain goes through your carpet into your padding, be sure to wash both.  Check with your local reputable rug dealer on exact cleaning instructions.  If you're at all unsure, clean your pad with water and a mild detergent, and allow to dry for 1 full day prior to replacing.  For additional information on how to spot clean your rug, take a look at our RugRag Stain Removal Guide.

If you wash your floors, be sure to allow them to dry for several hours before replacing padding.  Although your floor may feel dry, it may not be.  Moisture between your pad and floor will fester, and cause damage to either one or both.

Rotate padding and carpet every year!  A padding which is laid in one place for many years may adhere to your floor.  Pad rotation will help you detect early signs before it's too late!


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