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How to Hang your Oriental Rug and Carpet with the Zoroufy Wall Display Kit


Installation of the Zoroufy Legacy wall hanging kit could not have been easier.  It was a very straight forward mounting process.  Depending on your type of wall, you're going to want to carefully assess placement as the strength of the final display will be dependent upon the capacity of your wall/studs and other.

We simply installed this kit into a wood panel wall as seen below:

We decide on where to mount the Zoroufy Wall hanging kit

One quick tip for more secure installation (if you're not using nut inserts), drill a pilot hole with a drill bit just smaller in diameter than the center of the screw.  Tape off about 2/3 rds the depth of the screw so you're not drilling more than necessary, and the tip of the screw has greater strength inside the wall.  Keep in mind, a slight portion of the screw will not actually go into the wall as the screw head will seat over the bracket hole creating a slight offset.

Taping off drill bit for Pilot Hole

Second quick tip after marking a level line: When initially installing the brackets, start with either end to make sure the mounting will be level.  You'll have to line up the bottom portion of each bracket as there is a height discrepancy created by the difference in gauge of the expanded rod.  Start by only drilling the bottom hole for the brackets on either end.  This will ensure you will be able to fine tune the perfect angle of the finished product.  Once the brackets have been properly set in place, go ahead and drill the other holes.



Zoroufy Stair Rods 15710 - Legacy Adjustable Wall Hanger Collection

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