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How do I Remove a Knot?


Why remove a knot and how do to decide which knot to remove?

Removing a knot in your carpet is a fairly simple process.  A single knot removal is done to assess the fiber type and ply count.  Do be warned, some rugs do not lend themselves to any knot removal.   Due to the possibility of visible removal on the face of the rug, do not remove a knot from a rug with these conditions: 1  Avoid removing a knot from a low piled rug or from an area of worn pile.  2  If your carpet has large knots (less than 70 kpsi.)  3  The knot is an integral part of the design.   Selecting the right knot is key as each one has an intention within the rug's coloring and design.  Pick a knot which will not disrupt the pattern: select a knot which is immediately surrounded by several knots of the same color. 

Follow these photos to remove a knot

Knot removal needle

Shown above is the needle we use for single knot extraction.  As you can see, it is larger and thicker than a normal sewing needle. 

Knot to be removed

Select the right knot

Push the needle through the knot

Poke through the rug including only the knot.  Do not include the foundation.

Removing the knot

Pry the knot out with your needle.  One side of the knot will release.  Get a firm grasp of this knot strand between your index finger and thumb and give a steady tug.  Pull straight out.  The entire knot will then release.

Removed knot

As you can see above, once the knot is removed, the warp will be partially exposed. 

2 ply yarn

The empty space where the knot was can also be seen from the front of the rug under close examination.  Eventually, the direction of the pile will accommodate the space. 

Single knot taken out

If you smooth the pile to lay as it was intended, the knot extraction will not be obvious.


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