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How Can I Display my Rug as a Wall Hanging?

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In General

hanging an oriental rug, whether a silk Qum Persian, or a family heirloom hooked rug, is among the most elegant forms of displaying a carpet.  There are three common ways to display a carpet depending on the application.  Carefully assess what characteristics your rug has: flimsy, heavy, stiff, or floppy and light.  Displaying your rug could lead to curling corners on edges or ends.  The carpet may be more susceptible to sun fade.  Decide what will be the top or bottom of the rug prior to mounting.  This should be determined if the design is uni-directional, or decide if you would like to have the rug appear lighter or darker.  For lighter, hang the carpet pile pointing towards the floor, darker toward the ceiling.

For Heavier, Thicker, Fragile and/or Floppy Rugs

Sewing several long banded cloth sleeves to the reverse side of the rug to evenly distribute weight is effective for most any rug.  These sleeves can measure as short as two feet in length or even run the entire width of the carpet intended for display.  It is sometimes quite tedious to mount these longer sleeves as well as remove them, however is one of the best and safest ways to both protect and display your investment.   

Haning a silk Qum


For Moderate Gauge, Light Weight and/or Rigid Rugs

Sewn cloth tabs on the reverse side of the rug are effective in reducing time consuming, continuous sewing.  Tabs are easier to add and remove as they're significantly less invasive.  Working from the outside to the inside by determining opposite mounting points first will help in making a straighter, more true finished mount.  Cloth loops or tabs are often the most commonly found means of making a rug ready for display on a wall.

hang rug wall


For Light-Weight Rigid Rugs and or Tapestries

Stitch small gauge key rings to the back of the rug.  This is the least labor intensive means to displaying a rug, however, may also result in the most damage if not properly fixed or too heavy a rug is used.  Do bear in mind, that if your rug is particularly floppy, these rings may show through on the front as small dimples while the weight of the carpet or textile pulls on mounting points.  

hang a rug display rug

This particular 4'x6' (High quality triple ply wool Indian allover kashan design) had been hanging width wise for three years with only eight rings.  This rug is an example of a carpet too heavy to be mounted on rings as the weight has placed too much strain on the warps of the carpet.

rug rod rings, hanging mouting

display and mount rug


General Mounting Assistance

Remember, a hand knotted rug or tapestry is not always even on the top.  Use a yard stick to note either end first, and then work inwards to determine correct mounting points and eliminate uneven weight distribution.  For smaller rugs to be mounted behind glass, be sure to specify with your frame specialist to not use any form of adhesive or permanent, irreversible techniques. 

Other more uncommon methods of hanging your rug include framing, or use of velcro for very lightweight tapestries and smaller rugs.

Contact us for rug mounting hardware including clips, rods and finished decorative displays. 



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September 27. 2008 18:35


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Hanging Persian Rugs |

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October 20. 2008 19:54


My soumack tapestry was made in Iran. It is 2.5 ft wide by 8.5 feet long approximately. What is the best way of hanging it length wise?

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October 29. 2008 16:41


Hi, great question. The rug is probably fairly light weight, especially if what weight it does have will be evenly distributed along the length. What I would suggest is to try out the Zoroufy Legacy wall hanging kit, you'll probably want two of them.

Each kit should come with 6 clips, which should be suitable for your application. It's fairly easy to make the mounting invisible if you decide to have either rings or sleeves sewn onto the reverse side. Otherwise, there may be a slight compromise to aesthetics if you decide to have both hanging rods show, as they're two independent pieces.

If you would like more detailed description on how to hang the rug specifically for your application, please send photographs to I would be happy to personally write up a blog entry for your rug basing such off the weight, thickness of the rug, and how fragile it is too.



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March 22. 2009 18:33

Elisabeth Collins

We purchased, in China, March 2003, 4 silk rugs sized 12 inches by 36 inches, not including the fringe and the woven attached tabs for hanging. We saw the young women weaving them and the raw silk being unraveled from cocoons. It was extremely impressive. We were told that the rugs represented the four seasons, but forgot to ask which design represented which season. I will describe them, one, 3 birds, all red, with green bamboo or willow: second, 1 bird, green with long yellow beak, with what seems to be lotus, there are no other colors: third, 1 blue bird with what appears to be cherries or other fruit and green and brown leaves: fourth, 2 birds, green backs and tan breasts and with tan foliage. They have been hung on drapery rod, using the tabs. They give us great joy in remembering wonderful China. The bottoms are slightly curled: that is the only problem. I wish to display them in the proper order and even Chinese friends have not been able to help. Can you tell me, based upon the descriptions. Any advice about curling or information about the order of seasons will be gratefully appreciated. Thank you, Sincerely, Claude and Elisabeth Collins

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Elisabeth Collins

March 22. 2009 18:49



For design assessment you can bring photographs to the Rug Rag Forum! It's free to both register and use (click register in the upper right hand corner)

As for the curling, you can bring the rug to your local reputable specialist for vinyl straps to be sewn on. This usually does the trick to prevent curling while the rug is hung for decoration. Here's an example below:

All the best,

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