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Help, My Carpet has 'Pulls'! Surfacing "Threads" in an Oriental Carpet

oriental rugs with a hard twist or hand spun wool sometimes develop pulls originating from wool which has avoided initial shearing.  The wool avoids shearing partly due to its curly nature, where the yarn literally will come to the top of the pile, crest, and turn back down toward the foundation.  After avoiding the original shearing, use and vacuuming can either straighten or release this yarn, making it appear as though the pile is "pulling" through the face of the rug.  Do not tug or pull out these strands!  Under enough force, they will release, in turn removing knots.  These are just loose strands which should eventually cease surfacing.  In the meantime, take some small scissors and carefully trim them to the same height of the adjacent pile.  Take a careful look at your rug, and you may see future "potential" pulls.  It's perfectly acceptable as a preventative measure to clip these before they surface.  

If the pulls do not cease, you may want to consider taking the rug back to the seller to explain the situation.  Although unlikely, an improper balance within the construction of the rug could be the problem.

Indian Oushak Carpet Pulls

Indo Hand Spun wool

Even pile on gold carpet

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