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Hand Knotted Area Rug... What does this mean?

There are a lot of search terms for rugs of which people use.  Within these terms are certain implications which need some clarification.  We all interpret these words and phrases differently.  While some may immediately equate this phrase with beauty, others may react with the thought "that sounds expensive."  Well we got news...  Not not alll hand knotted rugs are beautiful to everyone and not all are that significant investment.  Enough banter, what does "Hand Knotted Area Rug" mean anyway?

There are two things here which are important to consider:  "Hand Knotted" and "Area Rug"

"Hand knotted" implies the item had been created by hand, on what would be considered a standard loom.  In other words, an "oriental [rug or carpet]"  Often a hand knotted item will be comprised of a warp (running vertically through the weaving) and a weft (running horizontal).  A hand knotted item will often be comprised of fibers which end atop a sheered or sometimes looped pile.

"Area Rug" is somewhat of a redundant phrase. The term "Rug" is generally applied to a floorcovering measuring less than 5' width x 8' length.  Area leaves the implication the covering spans a small portion of the exposed floor rather than being "carpeting" which continues to all walls.



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