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Great Carpets in the Movie "The Queen"

2006 Academy Award Winning For Best Actress: 

The Queen:

"The Queen" with Jaipur CarpetLeft and Below:  Detail photographs of what appears to be a Traditional Persian Mahal Design or Indian Amristar design Carpet.  We believe this particular carpet seen left and below may be a newer rug perhaps of the jaipur rugs Variety, which are carpets which are woven in India typically attributed as "new - 20 year old" rugs.  Such rugs come at a fairly modest investment when it comes to hand knotted pieces.  Jaipurs commonly feature allover design fields, with colors that lend toward traditional "timeless" overall feel: either bold and heavy contrast or soft analagous colors with "earthy" and/or "antique" palette.  Generally, Jaipur rugs will also have slightly larger scale print, yet more intricate than some antique counterparts, and typically are woven with a square knot (e.g. Knot count Vertical and Horizontal is the same).

"The Queen" with Jaipur Carpet


"The Queen" With Peshawar Style CarpetLeft and Below:  As opposed to the previously described Jaipur Carpet above, the carpet to the left and below has subtle yet notable differences.  We believe this is a Peshawar variety carpet which are often imported from Afghanistan and pakistan, often woven by Afghan refugees.  While there are similarities between the written description of some Jaipur and peshawar rugs such as an allover field often based of "Mahal" type or other Persian designs pre-1900, note that there is a significant amount more "negative" space in the field of this piece.  Design print is slightly larger, and while colors are analogous, there is an apparent difference as the carpet has a somewhat "faded" look.  Some Peshawar rugs are subjected to a wash to bring about this feel, although more often than not, many of these rugs are designed and woven with a clear understanding of "tone-on-tone" color implimentation.  There are a few varieties of "Peshawar Rugs" that are typical to the market: Antique Caucasian Kazak Designs, and traditional antique Persian Designs.

"The Queen" With Peshawar Style Carpet


Below:  Carpets which have been suggested as "broadloom" or machine made.  If you look at the supporting pillar in the upper right hand corner, we can see what appears to be a cut-out for a heating vent.  Rarely would this ever be seen in a hand knotted rug, although people have done cut-outs in oriental rugs for fireplaces and other.  Note while the center design and for the large carpet and the stair rug are the same, the borders do differ slightly.  This is not uncommon to find in machine made carpets where scale adjustments are made, or borders are mitered post production.  It's somewhat unusual for an Oriental Rug to be installed on a staircase as seen below.

Stairs and Landing



Special thank you to "NetJim" for brining this fantastic Movie Carpet to our Attention!

For anyone interested in submitting movie rug & carpet suggestions, feel free to contact us


* We have taken on the task of identifying Oriental Rugs and Carpets from one photograph, and one photograph only!  Bear in mind, the names and key terms provided below are simple insight and suggestions as to what the rug or carpet at hand may be, not necessarily definitive information.  Proper identification of an Oriental Rug or Persian Carpet by a professional should be done in person, or at least with the Rug Rag standardized Oriental Rug Identification Sample Photographs.  If you have additional insight on these rugs, or have taken a particular liking to any one, feel free to comment in the field at the bottom of this entry!   




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