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Governor Paterson Goes Shopping for Rugs

Recently New York's Governor Paterson has come under scrutiny for spending some nearly $40,000 on just five (5) area rugs for the Governor's mansion in Albany. According to the Daily News in an article dated Nov. 21, 2008, Gov. Paterson spent $21,000 of this ~$40K on a couple of Turkish patchwork rugs (10'x10' round and 10'x15'). John Egan of the state's Office of General Services defended the carpet spree by saying that the Governor's mansion is a historical museum-like structure that must be maintained. Still, the public is wondering why this "maintenance" must be done during economic crisis.

Apparently the carpets had been purchased from stark Carpets of Manhattan, New York. For those of whom are not familiar with patchwork rugs, they are often comprised of many different varieties of rugs. Once one rug has reached its foreseeable lifetime with  worn areas, stains, and/or problems, a repair specialist may deem only a small section as salvageable. This small section, possibly only 1'x1', may be used in conjunction with other salvageable pieces to create a larger carpet. With patchwork carpets, there is often a lack of structure in design and instead they are cherished for their quirky eclectic nature.  A romantic and, dare we say it, "green" way to give life to old rugs by tying them together- no pun intended.


Bush's $62,000 Oval Office Tufted Carpet



Below: a Turkish patchwork Carpet measuring 10x15 on eBay for less than $2,200 shipped to the USA

a 10x15 patchwork Carpet on eBay for under $2K

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