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Welcome to Rug Rag's First Time Buyer section!  Our site is one of the largest databases geared for the consumer on and about oriental rugs.  We've compiled areas of our site for first time buyers to use in order to make more informed purchasing decisions, including our interactive tools and information sections.  Remember, if you have questions feel free to contact us with our internet form.  We hope you enjoy our hundreds of pages of original content, photographs and first-of-their-kind online tools!

Interactive Tools


  • Rug Rag Forum : 

  • The Rug Rag forum is the best way to ask questions on and about Oriental Rugs, and have an expert in the field to respond quickly.  This is the first ever Oriental rug forum which is not hosted by a Rug Seller, or engage in heavy "technical talk."  On the Forum, we encourage users to link to items under purchase consideration, in addition to asking any and all questions relating to rugs in appropriate topic areas.  You can be sure our professionals will be friendly and of great assistance!

What's My Carpet Worth is the newest feature on Rug Rag to help you gather the most information about a possible purchase. Just fill in the information on the page and we will get back to you with an approximate price on your rug. It's a really useful tool that only takes a few minutes of your time to fully utilize. It is especially helpful if you are planning on purchasing a rug through an auction or online.

    The Rug Rag Style Guide is the First Ever interactive Web Tool for Consumers to be provided with key search terms for their Oriental Rugs.  Why is this important?  Certain rugs have general characteristics.  We help you find the best rug to meet your criteria based on physical, aesthetic, and investment expectations.

    The Rug Rag stain Removal combines decades of curator quality cleaning procedures (for wool pile rugs with cotton or wool foundation) using commonly found household items such as ammonia, rubbing alcohol, dry cleaning solvent and several others.  Scroll through our selection of dozens of different stain scenarios to select your rug's type of stain.  Blanket cleaners often have unecessary chemicals to treat your stain, and may react in an undesirable manner to make your stain colorfast.  The stain removal Guide should be your First Option to create a custom procedure specifically formulated for the type of offense you're looking to remove from your rug!
  • Rug Estimator Pro :

  • The rug estimator pro is the first-of-it's-kind web tool where everyday users can learn about different elements which factor into the value of a rug.  The rug estimator Pro has been programed using dozens of inventories and thousands of rugs to provide you with real-market "Retail" Prices.  It's easy as a first time buyer to get caught up in "the knot count," so the Rug Estimator Pro is a great way to see what additional factors are involved when evaluating an Oriental Rug.

  • Rug Washing Estimate :

  • Rug Washing Estimate is a tool developed using "average" prices across the country for different types of Oriental Rug washes.  Those of which are included are tea wash, Luster Wash, and regular carpet fully submerged shampoo.  Just select the size of your rug, and see the approximate estimate for washing appear!



April 18. 2009 00:19


Hi, I am thinking of purchasing a beautiful Kashmiri silk carpet. I heard some things and I am wondering if they are true. can you shed some light on this. They sales men say it has 1800 knot per square inch. and that its very durable, it will last 200 years. Its maid with pure kashmiri silk and it is stunning and the price is around 3000 well thats what I would pay.. no more than that. haha.
So is it possible to have a tread count of 1800 which is apparently the highest one can get, as so I am told?

please can you get back to me as soon as possible. I want to know what I'm getting myself into.


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April 18. 2009 00:27


Hi Priya,

1800 is a pretty high knot count in the scope of things. On the other hand, it's not entirely uncommon for sellers to inflate the KPSI.

If you so wish, please feel free to remit photographs to us directly at, or if you would like multiple input, you are more than welcome to check out or Oriental Rug Forum:

Registration and use are both free. Here are the suggested photographs for submission, focusing on number 4 would be great, this will help users get a better idea of the knot density.

Knot count is not everything with Oriental Rugs, but we wish you the best in your acquisition of an Oriental Rug,

All the best,



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