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Fake Oriental Rug "Certificates"

We hope what we write about within this post resonates well with you.  Please e-mail this article to anyone you may know who is considering purchase of a rug, or anyone you may know in the business.  

Catalina Rug Self Certificate

Whether a first time buyer, or reputable rug retailer, our goal here at Rug Rag is to help the public make more informed purchasing decisions, help reinforce honest sellers & help those looking to change their less than transparent rug marketing tactics do so for the better

What we're looking at to the right and at the bottom of this page is a "self certification" by a rug merchant on ebay.  There are several problems with this advertised "certificate". 

1.  knot density is said to measure 441 kpsi.  We would be hard pressed to believe this rug is above 180 KPSI, and this is being generous.  How does this affect you the buyer?  While KPSI is not the only indicator of quality, the heavy exaggeration of such may lead buyers to believe a rug is within a bracket of rugs it is not.  This is misleading, deceptive, and less than reputable practice. See more about KPSI

2.  "Regular Price" is noted at $1365 with a strike through and their price as "$390"  We took a look at many rugs in this sellers inventory.  Not surprisingly, we found this particular vendor is using a standard "style sheet" to create these sub-industry standard "Certificates" which consistently use a 3.5 time multiplier for "regular price" vs. "their price". See more about Retail Prices

3.  condition is noted as "Excellent".  While condition is somewhat of a subjective topic, we know very few reputable retailers who would describe a rug missing an outside border as being in "excellent condition." 

4.  While one could argue the above points are irrelevant if the price is good...  We have news.  The price is not good.  The seller has placed a "best offer" on the item which does allow for a "name your price."  The problem is the seller is feeding the public with less than perfect information, allowing the unsuspecting buyer to place a bid on a misrepresented item.  Here at Rug Rag, we call this "fishing": When a seller places an unusually high value on a rug in hopes that someone will come along with an offer just a fraction of their asking price.  Fact is, even with an offer of 50% of the marked asking price, chances are this seller would still walk away with a very healthy profit.  Inflated KPSI, a standard price multiplier, and missing outter border will all significantly affect a fair retail market price.



So what does Rug Rag do to Solve these Problems?

+ Full Q&A - You have a question, we answer with honest feedback. Drop us a line!

+ FREE & Active Rug Forum for item assessment

+ Granted necessary photographs are provided, we act as an independent third party to review the item at hand and verify characteristics of authenticity.   Take a look at a Rug Rag sample VerificationThese are offered at a very low investment for one time sellers and buyers.  For online sellers, contact for details.

+ We aim to have all reputable sellers work toward fair and reasonable Online Rug Merchant terms and conditions.





Catalina Rug

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